Unique Plans Built for Unique Children

For over 20 years, Mansura Yusuf has been encouraging children with learning challenges around the world excel and thrive, even when everyone else wrote them off.

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Custom Plan is Created

A custom plan uniquely designed for your child to help them excel

Watch the Light Go On.

Over time you will see a side of your child that everyone else said was impossible

The Mission

  • To help nurture the natural skills your child has within
  • To help your child grow intrinsically
  • Most of all, to see that glow in your child's eyes when they realize their inner potential

"We started JOUD to provide conducive spaces and platforms to bring out the capabilities of your child thrive and excel in their life by believing in themselves."

Mansura Yusuf - Founder

Witness Your Child Grow and Explore

A Plan Built for Your Child

I believe that every child is unique, and to achieve their potential they need a plan unique to them (this is not a one-size-fits-all system). I will build a plan for YOUR child and work with you throughout the process.

See Your Child Grow

We are as strong as the positive words inside of us. I want to help your child realize their own potential and grow beyond society's limits.

Our Philosophies

Plans built for your child are designed from dozens of core philosophies based on cutting edge science

Orton Gillingham Approach

A system designed to foster a love of reading by connecting letters and sounds through multi-sensory skills


Nurturing each child's natural desire for knowledge, understanding, and respect

High Scope

Children actively interact with their environment, including teachers,
objects, and more

Emergent Curriculum

Curriculum is built upon a child's interests to create meaningful experiences

Reggio Emilia

Student-centred, experimental and relationship driven learning
“Ms. Mansura is very responsible, passionate, caring, and enthusiastic in teaching. Definitely stirs students’ interest in course material."
Mansura is the most thoughtful, kind, caring, patient, and selfless colleague as well as teacher. She is an individual I would trust with caring for any child that enters her life.
Amanda M [Collegue]